Real Incest Mom Son


Real Incest Mom Son

Hi all I thought I’d post this here so people know a bit more about mine and my mums relationship. Please if you have any questions or requests let us know. Apologies in advance for posting this everywhere but we get a lot of the same things asked so it saves on answering the same questions.

Hi all, I’m Andrew I’m 26, tall and slim, white, masters educated. My mum Kat is 38, a bbw, white, university educated. I’m an only child and so is my mum. We live in the North of England UK at the moment. My mum had me when was really young. I don’t really want to go into it and neither does she, it was a really dark time but at least brought her me. Needless to say my dad isn’t on the scene at all.

We aren’t officially married but a couple of months ago we went to Vegas and got unofficially married, basically a ceremony without anyone official overseeing. My mum wore a proper wedding dress and me a proper suit and it was amazing and all the confirmation we needed. It was only us and Elvis there (yea I know it’s tacky but it’s how we could get away with doing it unofficially but in a chapel)

If we could have gotten legally married we probably would but it doesn’t really change anything between us.

I am a straight male (I’ve experimented once and wasn’t a fan) my mum is bi sexual but we are both monogamous. We are consanguinamorous but I’m not sure on the use of that word as it’s not the reason we are attracted to each other but we are.

Currently it’s just me and mum living together.

We had a very normal mother son relationship growing up. I was close to my mum as the age gap wasn’t much so we used to spend lots of time together and just chilling out watching TV or going to the movies.  We don’t have any children together yet as mum is on the implant but we are considering it eventually.

My mum is a bigger woman which is probably why I’ve always loved big women. I used to smell her panties and sex toys regularly and now and then use them to pleasure myself (after getting together I admitted this and she told me she suspected as much but didn’t really think much of it)  .

Basically my mum had me when she was really young, like 13, so we have always been close as we are on the same wavelength. She is a bigger woman which is probably why I’ve always loved big women. Anyway a couple of years ago I admitted I love big women to her and she said “Like me?” I quickly tried to back track and said “No!” but couldn’t help saying “Well yes I love your figure” I went really shy and so did she and nothing more was said until the next day, she mentioned something to the effect of “So do you think I’m attractive?” “Yes” I was really sheepish. “Please don’t take this the wrong way but are you good in bed?” She wasn’t looking at me as she was doing the dishes at the time. “Erm, yes I think so” “Please please don’t think me terrible for saying this, and if you don’t want to just forget I said it. But will you help me orgasm?” Or something like that. I was astounded but so excited. I said “Yes of course! I mean if you really want me to” Anyway we ended up upstairs in the bedroom. She undressed and I was rock hard at seeing her curvy naked body. She laid on the bed and spread her legs and said “Can you give me oral please Andrew?” I didn’t respond and just made my way to the bed and pressed my lips to her pussy and started licking her shaved lips. I was so turned on I came in my pants. I didn’t tell her though as I was embarrassed and was concentrating on making her cum. A few minutes later her body started to shake and she came really hard. I asked if I was any good and she grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her face and said “Yes you were amazing” she then started to lick her juices out of my facial hair. By this time my cock was hard again and I pressed it against her soaking pussy and when she didn’t protest I slipped it inside her as deep as I could as she let out a huge moan. I could feel myself about to cum again. I whispered “I’m going to cum” She said “It’s fine baby” At that I came so hard inside her. Afterwards we spooned for a while and fell asleep without saying anything.

We are basically living as a married couple but an extremely kinky married couple. I have numerous fetishes and love anything taboo and filthy and my mum loves trying new things, so it’s pretty ideal at the moment. We are constantly pushing each others boundaries which is amazing.  We have sex when are where we like really. Usually in the bedroom but it can be numerous times a night or not for a few days if it’s that time of the month or we aren’t in the mood. It always ends in intercourse of some kind ie vaginally or oral.

We share a bed and have done ever since we “married”. We have been together just over a year now. We share a bed and live as a married couple. We see each other as lovers and family, she will always be my mum but she will now always be my lover and other half. We are very happy together so totally monogamous, I would love to see mum explore her bi side though. We have talked about and it and maybe in the future she would play with another woman and let me watch but not get involved which I understand.

We have recently had to leave our home town as a close family friend found out about our relationship and went to the police. We were showing them holiday pictures and they saw our wedding pictures which we tried to laugh off. They must have not believed it though as they got hold of my mums phone and found explicit material on there and took it to the police. So we are currently in hiding from all family and friends as we had very few anyway but we just can’t trust anyone.

It’s turned out ok in terms of our relationship as we can be man and wife where we are now not that we interact with many people at all.

Because we can be openish now we can be a lot more interment without worry. We literally have sex toys everywhere. I think our closeness before becoming sexual has helped us be a lot more open a lot quicker.

We are two consenting adults, my mum did a great job raising me even if I do say so myself, after I turned 21 I thought I had nothing else to learn from her but it turns out we had lots to teach each other. I’m definitely broadening her sexual repertoire. But there was no one taking advantage or anything like that.

We really don’t know what the future holds but we are hoping to move to Spain or France in the near future as we have no future here that we can see and constantly live in fear. We are pretty much off the grid at the moment apart from online.

We are hoping to go into some kind of porn making industry if it is legal anywhere as we are extremely sexual and love showing off our sexual antics


Date: December 27, 2016